Thursday, November 3, 2016

Amidst all the craziness, chaos and frozenness
So ripe, holding on strong to dear life and yet graceful
Ready to be fragile for the right reasons

Monday, March 15, 2010


Been a long time since last time I have posted anything here. Overlapping of many things led me to post this song and write about my reflection this time.

Now press the play button and I would recommend to read the post first while listening to (=not necessarily watching the video) the music first.

The song title is "LIFE" and it is the only song I know from the band and the lyrics go like this (forgive my literal translation):

My soul is like a showering rain
My love is like a blossoming flower
The flower is like a dancing lady
my LIFE is like GOD that lights the universe
My life, oh just how much am I used/addicted to you
Oh well, I am in love with my life

My spouse, you're like a pillar to lean on
My child, you're a greatest happiness of all
My happiness is like that wise that purifies the suffering
My LIFE is like GOD that lights the universe

Khmm, apologies for the almost-word-by-word interpretation there. Hope the melody when listened to carefully, will do the (proper) justice.

Honestly, I thought the video was, with all the actors in it, too dramatic, in a way Korean style. However, if you can look over that part, the message is nice, I thought. Since we cannot tell (for sure at least) if there is such thing as next time, this life is all we have... With or without regard to the social expectations and all, if we are to live (not in any spring=emotional, let alone dangerous mood or anything :p) we'd better live it off to the fullest. Enjoy, try and challenge as much as we can. Be and live in love with the life itself, suck the best out of it ... Spread the seed of love and affection all around us, be a catalyst in that sense and as such receive back the doubled, tripled, quadrupled energy back (all the fad theories talk about this including the HEALING ATTITUDE).

I mean to love and be loved back by to start with those who are dear to us ... Not just exist but to live fully (=love the life itself) ... willingly ... lead an active, interesting and exciting life ...

өрнөлтэй, идэвхтэй, энэрэлтэй, хайртай ... АМЬДРАЛД /өөрт нь/ шунаж амьдрах ...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

snow ... sahara ... reading ... memories

Today it snowed and felt like real winter. Couldn't enjoy the walk I really wanted during lunch time as I was even busier than usual busy-ness. But it has been a very fruitful day. Tomorrow, too, I will make it so (rolls back my short sleeves :p) ...

Must be the snow that reminded me of this song. Actually, even when having a friend, who would have loved to marry her, today it was my first time to listen carefully to the lyrics of this song, which was not what I expected. Love especially the verse...

Next came to my mind, is "Love in the Time of Cholera" and how it contains alll sorts of love even the one that was burning to an inspiration for a man from humble being to reach great heights. One should not ,however, forget the other loves that served as relief, source of experience, getaway in harsh times. So twisted, compared with "100 yrs of Solitude", such an easy read, but G.G.M, just as expected, did a great job with all the twists and turns as well as the details that otherwise could have been "can-be-skipped-parts". Oh-oh, a little confession there.

The beautiful verse to this song:

If your hopes scatter like the dust across your track
I'll be the moon that shines on your path
The sun may blind our eyes, I'll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara
If that's the only place where you can leave your doubts
I'll hold you up and be your way out
And if we burn away,
I'll pray the skies above for snow to fall on the Sahara

When I spent wonderful, eye-opening week in the Gobi dessert this year and was borrowing a table to go online at the ger-offices, could not help but notice all the men going in and out and calling home. Was thinking to myself their wives/girlfriends must be praying that it would rain, let alone snow, in the Gobi...

A thought leading to another thought...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

To my great friend

Nov8, just as expected, would not have had and could not be spend without thinking of you with a smile on my face. Again, it was done in the midst of all the things I had to do about my private and work life.

THAT IS how important/dear you are to me. Thank you so much for being who you are and letting me be who I am. As always, wishing you the best-est of all that life can offer, dear. And here's a tribute with the song we like to mumble and laugh together:

Monday, October 5, 2009

A cute poem

I finally remembered seeing on one of my English textbooks. Must have came to my mind after having read about the rose and the prince

The House Is Not The Same Since You Left

The cooker is angry - it blames me
The TV tries desperately to stay busy
but occasionally I catch it staring out the window
The washing-up's feeling sorry for itself again
it just sits there saying
"What's the point, what's the point?"
The curtains count the days
Nothing in the house will talk to me
I think your armchair's dead
The kettle tried to comfort me at first
but you know what it's attention span is like
I've not told the plants yet
They think you're still on holiday
The bathroom misses you
I hardly see it these days
It still can't believe you didn't take it with you
The bedroom won't even look at me
since you left it keeps it's eyes closed
all it wants to do is sleep, remembering better times
trying to loose itself in dreams
it seems like it's taken the easy way out
but at night I hear the pillows
weeping into the sheets

Henry Normal

Wish I could fly

Friday, October 2, 2009

Being born

ALONE makes us caught up in this endless (as long as we're alive and of sound mind) chain ... we assume responsibilities, ONLY because we are born ... it is in/throughout our whole-being to have a purpose in life ... to live WITH it ... lucky and hardworking are the ones who've sought it out ... found it ... fought for it ... lived (even if shortly) WITH it

JUST BY BEING BORN we're chained ... part of what we make out of this CHAIN is up to us

the sooner we realize there is a limit to what we can and cannot change the better. Because only then we would be able to make decisions as rational as possible as soon as possible.

decision-->choices-->crossroads-->open roads

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Capture the moment

Yesterday it snowed in UB and was supposedly -1 degrees... unlike the day before that was +28. This is how often and dramatically the weather can change in Mongolia. I guess, in a way, so does life.

Me being me, could not help but SMS some of my friends with the "great news", thought of taking my dog for a walk (which usually my lil' brother does)just to her the shrieking sound of my feet on the snow, knowing that climbing up to Zaisan, for instance, for better view and fuller experience would not only be sort of complicated plus cold, hehe. When heading home asked the drivers if I can keep the window open to see the snowflakes falling and was looked at weirdly by the driver and the lady in the passenger seat. When the car has stopped before a big traffic light, one of the few guys who seemed to be in their 20s, thought I was laughing at them when in fact I was smiling, happy with the snow, the signal of winter soon coming, and praying the winter to have that much if not more snow in a way that many people in the countryside would not suffer. Oh well, I might have had the goofy smile on my face and when one of the guys came closer to the car "What the heck are you staring at, you ..." I didn't even bulge.

If it was not for the snow and the mood, first of all, unless the taxi smelled bad and/or stank with cigarette, I would not even open the window. Even further, I would be so scared if I heard the same thing from similar people that I would close the window immediately and move further to the left side of the car. But yesterday I did not.

Why, just cause I was living the moment, enjoying the snow to the fullest. Snow, so white and so clean, simple yet so beautiful, expected yet also "celebrated" at least by people like me. As I was SMS-ing a friend, all it takes to enjoy it, is to notice, acknowledge and rejoice. Whereas, so many of us often forget that "Best things is life are for free" and work so hard to be able to take pleasure in material, artificial things in/or life/world.

Blessed to have been born in place with snow.

Today, walked for about 20 minutes. Although there was not much snow to leave my prints and listen to the sound of, was kind of chilly even with turtleneck and leather jacket, nevertheless the walking was enjoyed. Right after sunset, the sky looked like a work of art, getting brighter and redder as it approached its horizon, till then random mix of colors, shade and shapes ...

The interesting thing is, may be not exactly the same, but the sky (being part of the generous nature and unlike us human beings doesn't stupidly try slow and/or stop some natural process) must be interesting (to put it neutrally), the only thing is we're usually too caught up in our life "the other, usually "important" things",
too busy to notice and working hard ... thinking when I have worked hard enough earned much enough will get out of here/town/Mongolia even to enjoy beautiful nature etc.,

Back to my walking, for a moment there I thought I should've brought my camera. Then again, when I didn't even bother to go to the balcony and try and take some picture of the snow, why bother now. And realized, it is not about leaving some evidence, and now that I come to think of it, the best moments, cherished memories does not always leave tangible evidence/material traces like pictures taken of, let alone video-taped. It's just in the nature of these things that you have a clear mental picture of them to go back to whenever you want to. Just like Viktor Frankl did go back to images of his wife, when tortured, humiliated beyond imagination at the Nazi concentration camp ...

A fine week-end it has been. Obviously next week will be busier